Friday, September 27, 2013

Coconut Flour Lemon Cake with Honey Lemon Icing

This deliciously moist, sweet and tangy cake is made using coconut flour - a flour made from coconut fibre that is left over after the meat has been used to produce coconut milk and oil. It’s gluten free, making it a wonderful alternative to wheat flour for those with gluten and wheat allergies. It's also high in protein and fibre, containing more fibre than gluten based grains.

                           The fresh lemon juice and zest gives this cake a lovely full lemon flavour...

As coconut flour is high in fibre it is extremely absorbent, therefore a lot more moisture must be added when baking with it compared to regular flour - hence the use of six eggs, the chia seeds also aid in keeping the cake moist.

As with all of my recipes this cake is made using all natural, unrefined ingredients! The icing is made with coconut oil, desiccated coconut, lemon zest and honey.

Serves 8

6 eggs
1/2 cup coconut oil, melted - plus extra for greasing tin
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 cup desiccated coconut
zest of 3 lemons
Juice of 3 lemons (1/2 cup)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp baking soda
good pinch of salt

Honey Lemon Icing:
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp honey
zest of 1 lemon
2 tbsp desiccated coconut, plus extra for dusting

Firstly mix the chia seeds into the lemon juice to allow the seeds to swell, set aside. Preheat oven to 160°C and grease a 23cm (9") cake tin with coconut oil and line with baking paper.
Place the eggs, coconut oil, honey, coconut flour and desiccated coconut into a food processor and blend until combined (alternatively used egg beaters). Let this mixture stand for around five minutes allowing the coconut flour to adsorb the moisture. Add the lemon juice and chia seed mixture along with the lemon zest, baking soda and salt, blend until all of the ingredients are incorporated. Pour into prepared cake tin and bake for between 50 - 60 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted. Allow to cool for about 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack. Cool completely before icing.
Place all of the icing ingredients into a double boiler and heat gently while stirring. Once the mixture is well combined take off heat and drizzle over cooled cake. sprinkle with the extra coconut and serve with coconut yoghurt, yoghurt or cream.

Lasts for 3 days in an airtight container.


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  2. This looks delish, Laura! Wish I had your baking skills! Thanks for the recipe too!


  3. Oh thanks Yvone! I am glad you like my recipe, thanks for commenting:)

  4. This cake is a winner. Beautiful lemony heaven. It's my go to lemon cake now that I'm gluten intolerant. I don't even worry about the icing as it is so moist & saves on some fat intake. More room for CAKE!! It's easy to make, fool proof & fancy enough to take to a bbq or party. Thanks for you efforts Yvonne! Blessings, Karen.

  5. So glad you like it Karen! Thanks so much for the feedback. It is the most popular post on my Blog to date:) Regards,

  6. I made this as my daughters birthday cake. I was nervous to make it as I'm new to gluten free baking and I knew I wouldn't have any time to make another cake if this was a failure. This turned out to be one of the most moist cakes I have ever made. So yummy and flavorful. As a matter of fact I had to come back to your website to put this in my favs as I need to make another one pronto as the birthday cake has mysteriously disappeared! Thanks so much Laura! Nicole

  7. Oh wow! I am so glad it was a success for you Nicole! This recipe is my most popular by far so it must be a hit with everyone that makes it. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment, I really appreciate your feedback. Merry Christmas :)

  8. I REALLY love this, I make it a few times a week as I have it for my lunch. I am low/no sugar so replace the honey with 1 tbsp and add a pinch of natural (green) stevia. I also don't make the icing, although I do have organic choc chips (dark) in my pantry, so I sometimes stir a handful of them in :)

    1. oh and I add lots of vanilla essence too, yummy

  9. So glad you enjoy it! Dark chocolate chips are a good idea, will have to give that a try :)

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