Monday, November 18, 2013

The Best Sushi Making Kit Ever

Introducing the Sushi King.. I recently purchased this Sushi King sushi making kit which I absolutely love, so I thought I must share it with you. It is handcrafted in New Zealand from recycled native Rimu which is an exceptionally beautiful timber. I couldn't go past these amazing chopsticks either, made from recycled Rewarewa another exquisite New Zealand native timber. They have the most unique speckled appearance, caused by darker red to purplish medullary rays through silvery pinkish sapwood. Both of these would make wonderful Christmas gifts!

I've found the Sushi King supper simple and easy to use, making perfect sushi every time. I love to make lots of sushi, so this kit will be seeing lots of use over the coming months. Watch this space....

                        The high quality of this product is second to none and will far out last any sushi mat I am sure.                                                                            Beautifully made with love...


I will be showing you this little baby in action in up coming posts. Until then check out the Sushi King website over HERE or their Facebook page HERE

Disclaimer - I have not in any way received payment from Sushi King for endorsing their product. I simply wanted to share it with you as I have enjoyed using it and believe you will too:)

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