Monday, January 27, 2014

Simple Vegetable & Feta Omelet

Omelet is my breakfast of choice at the moment, as I find it really sustains me for a long time and keeps my blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. Eggs are rich in antioxidants, good fats and are a low-calorie protein source, and more importantly, the protein in eggs is high-quality. I like to make my omelets using leftover vegetables from the previous night's meal and adding a handful of greens, cherry tomatoes and feta!

Serves 1

2 large free-range or organic eggs
3 leaves of silver-beet or other greens, washed, chopped and blanched in boiling water and drained
1 spring onion, chopped
1/2 cup of leftover roast vegetables
1 tbsp milk
5-6 cherry tomatoes
50g feta cheese
freshly cracked pepper
garlic salt
1 tsp butter

Heat the butter in a nonstick skillet on a medium heat. Meanwhile, crack eggs into a small mixing bowl, add milk and seasoning to taste. Whisk until well mixed, pour into heated skillet and cook for 30 seconds, before gently pushing the edges of the egg into the center of the pan with a spatula, while tilting the pan to allow the liquid egg to flow in underneath. On one side only, pile on the roast vegetables, blanched silver-beet, cherry tomatoes, spring onion and feta. Cook until the egg mixture is set, then with a spatula, lift one edge of the egg and fold it over. Place under the grill for a minute or two until feta is melted. Serve by itself or with a green salad on the side.


  1. Ooh yum, I love omelettes too - this one looks amazing! You're right about them keeping you full for ages too, nothing worse than eating breakfast and being hungry again a few hours later!

  2. Yea totally agree Dearna! Thanks for commenting:)