Thursday, August 14, 2014

Liebster Award

I am so thrilled that the amazingly talented Nicole from The Spice Train (awesome name by the way!) has nominated me for the Liebster Award, a really nice and fun form of recognition from fellow bloggers. Thank you so much Nicole for nominating me, I feel truly privileged to take part in this.

Nicole is not only a blogger, she is an exceptionally gifted cook, recipe developer, food stylist and photographer. These are not just her hobbies, she makes a living from cooking, food styling and photography! She is such an inspiration to me, I dream of living this life one day... She has just started a new biweekly series of posts called prop-talk! Where she discusses her favorite food photography props. Nicole makes the point that "sometimes it's the props, not the food, that make the food photo". I couldn't agree more! Note to self: I need more props....

The Liebster Award is not an award in the traditional sense with judges or anything like that, it’s really just a nice way to get to know other bloggers better. The Liebster award rules ask that I do the following:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated me and post a link to their blog. Thanks again, Nicole :)

2) Display the award badge on my blog. See below..
3) Answer 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated me. Here we go:

What do you enjoy most about blogging? I love everything about blogging! I just wish I had more time to devote to it. Cooking and recipe developing would have to be my first love, but I am thoroughly enjoying learning about food styling, writing and photography! Most of all I love sharing my health giving recipes with people who appreciate them.

What was your worst restaurant experience? This award would have would have to go to the
RSA (returned services association) in Winton, Winton is a town in Central West Queensland Australia. My husband and I were traveling in the outback and arrived late one night in Winton. Having never been to Winton before we asked the hotel owner where she would recommend us to go for a nice meal. She told us that the RSA next door served the best steak in town! Needless to say is was not the "best" steak, it was by far the worst I had ever eaten... Not only did it take almost an hour to arrive, and had the texture of an old gumboot, it came with a side of undercooked greasy french fries, and some very sad looking mixed vegetables that had been sitting in a bay maire for a few hours too long..

Cats or dogs or -gasp!- both? Dogs would have to be my absolute favourite animal! I have had many doggie friends throughout my life. I have met the occasional cool cat, but have never found one that I truly bonded with.

What is your favorite place on earth? Oh, I have so many, I live in New Zealand so I am incredibly spoiled when it comes to amazing places. Lake Lake Waikaremoana is quintessentially New Zealand as is Lake Hawea I love them both.

Do you see yourself still blogging ten years from now? Definitely, I thoroughly enjoy blogging and want it to be a continuing part of my life.

What is your favorite part of the day?  twilight, I love to watch the sun go down and hear all of the lovely bird song.

What’s the worst movie you ever saw? Hostal, I hate horror movies, so I don't know why I went to see it in the first place.

What do you do in your spare time (if you have any)? In my spare time I love to get creative in the kitchen, go for beach walks with my husband, practice yoga and body weight training, read a good book, photograph anything and everything, and of course blog!

What are you really good at? Cooking and recipe developing, especially for special dietary needs. I can turn almost any recipe into a healthy one.

What do you really suck at? Admitting to being wrong.. I am incredibly stubborn, It is not a personality trait that I am proud of, so I am working on it!

What is your favorite blog post you have written so far and why (put in a link, please!)?
I have many, but I think my absolute favourite would have to be Gluten & Dairy Free Crepes with Saffron Poached Persimmons & Pistachios. I had so much fun making and photographing these, and I was so impressed by how amazing they turned out, the persimmons and saffron together make the most perfect combo, enveloped in a crispy gluten-free crepe, they are heaven...

4) List 11 random facts about myself:

In just 6 weeks time my husband and I are heading off to Asia for a backpacking adventure for 4 months. I am just a little bit excited!

For eight years my husband and I owned and lived on a small farm in a remote part of New Zealand where we kept sheep, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens and two dogs. Before trading it all in for the big smoke.

I am a self confessed rooibos tea addict! It is very high in antioxidants which make me feel amazing.

My Nana was the person who first inspired me to cook. She used to walk me around her magical vegetable garden and cook nice things for me.

I dream of one day being a paid recipe developer, food stylist, writer and photographer...

I don't drink alcohol, after a really bad hangover on new years day 2010, my husband and I decided that we would give it up for good! We've never looked back.

I am planning on studying Naturopathy and nutrition next year. It has been a dream of mine for a long time.

I love dogs so much but don't currently own my own, so I signed up to be a dog sitter. Love it!

I absolutely love yoga, I get up early every morning to practice it.

My husband taught me how to drive when I was 16, in a V8 truck.

I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, I am the youngest. My eldest sibling is 20 years older than me!

5) Nominate 11 fellow bloggers for the award (I picked 1 extra for good luck!). And my nominees are…

Leah from Naturally Leah, Leah is a fellow Kiwi currently living in London. She blogs about all sorts of things, from healthy recipes, running and exercise to travel.

Siân from the cheeky vegan, I love her philosophy! Check out her "about" page, so inspiring! Made me want to go vegan...

Dearna from To Her Core, I just love everything about this healthy living blog!

Jesse from Jesse Lane Wellness, so many good recipes and nutritional information.

Maria from Happy Belly, Maria is so creative, and I just love her diagrams.

Chrissy from The Hungary Buddha, check out her recipes by country section, it's such a cool idea!

Laura from Baking In Pyjamas, she seriously loves baking!

Katie from Whole Nourishment, loads of health giving recipes.

Salma from Salmas Cooking Diary, head over there for some Indian inspiration!

Grace from Earthy Feast, tasty vegetarian recipes

Jodi from Happy Hearted Kitchen, whole-food goodness

Lori from Fake Food Free, real food from every corner of the world

6) Ask the nominees 11 questions. Congratulations to all the nominees! Here are my questions to you:

What is your most favourite blog to follow and why?

How long have you been blogging for? 

What time of day do you write the best content for your blog?

What would be the first thing you would do if you won a million dollars?

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Which book would you encourage others to read?

What is the most treasured item you own and why? 

Where were you born?

Whats your dream job?

Tea or coffee? 

Sweet or savoury?

7) Go to the nominees’ blogs to let them know that they have been nominated. Done! 


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful introduction, Laura, I really appreciate your kind words! It was fun to read this post, I tend to be rather stubborn myself and I hate horror movies too, I can't believe anyone enjoys watching them! Wow, 4 months in Asia sound like an awesome adventure, how cool! And one of these years I am going to have to see New Zealand, it really seems to be an amazing place. :)

    1. Hi Nicole, you are most welcome! Thanks again for nominating me:) I am glad you enjoyed reading my post. I encourage you to come to New Zealand, it is an amazing place. :)

  2. thank you so much for the mention! this really has made my day! hahaha that steak and fries experience is so bad, i'm sorry you had to endure that!

    1. Hey Maria, so glad it made your day! I look forward to reading your post:)

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me Laura! I'm so happy you have enjoyed reading my blog. I was looking up the rules for the award and unfortunately I don't qualify because I have well over 1000 followers. I will however answer your questions here!

    What is your most favourite blog to follow and why? I love MyNewRoots for her amazing recipes and pictures.

    How long have you been blogging for? 3 years (I started with in 2011)

    What time of day do you write the best content for your blog? All of my food photos are done mid morning because that is when I get the best light. I end up writing content at all times of the day!

    What would be the first thing you would do if you won a million dollars? Take a vacation and hire someone to clean up the kitchen after recipe testing!!!

    Where do you see yourself in five years from now? Doing exactly what I can doing now, helping people discover the healing power of food and reclaim their health.

    Which book would you encourage others to read? I love Your Body's Many Cries for WATER by F.Batmanghelidj. It is amazing how dehydrated we are and how much of an impact drinking enough water can have on your body.

    What is the most treasured item you own and why? I love it vitamix and my computer because it holds all of my photos and memories.

    Where were you born? Nova Scotia, Canada

    Whats your dream job? Exactly what I'm doing now, working as a Holistic Nutritionist

    Tea or coffee? Tea!

    Sweet or savoury? ALWAYS sweet!

  4. Hey Jesse, I too have well over 1000 followers, but decided to participate anyway as the rules seem to be flexible as it is just a fun thing between bloggers.. Thanks for answering my questions! I too love MyNewRoots, she is the best! It is so nice to hear that you are doing what you love, and will continue to do so. There is such a great need for holistic nutritionists in this world. Thanks for your recommendation on the book, I'll be sure to check it out:)

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination Laura! I've actually been nominated for another similar blog share thing recently (like a blog relay) so I might try to combine the two... Not sure if that's in the rules, but hopefully okay all the same! This is a great way to get to know other bloggers though, I love finding out little details about people -and especially the similarities - I love roobios tea too, so good!

    1. Your so welcome Dearna, I love your blog! I am sure you could combine your two nominations, as it is just a bit of fun between bloggers:) And besides, rules are made to be broken.. I look forward to reading your reply.

  6. So honored for the nod, Laura! I love learning about others in this awesome foodie community, so I'm looking forward to checking out all the other nominees' sites. As for your Asia trip- you're going to have a BLAST. Just pack toilet paper. :)

    1. And here's my post!

    2. I loved reading your reply Chrissy! I found it really funny and interesting to read, and it is so nice to learn some more personal details about a fellow blogger:)

  7. Thanks again Laura for nominating me! So kind of you! I'm really flattered! I loved reading this post and "getting to know you!" I know we ever met we would be friends in real life too! Have fun in Asia, that sounds amazing!

  8. Thanks Grace! I look forward to reading your post and getting to know you better too:)

  9. Laura, wow! Thank you so much for the nomination and your kind words. I would be honored to participate - this is such a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and support each other. Love it!

    And I apologize for the slow response, I was away for several days with limited internet access.

    1. You're so welcome Katie! I love your blog! So glad you would like to participate:) as you say "it is a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and support each other". I look forward to reading your response:) No worries about the late reply! Life happens..

    2. Laura, I want to thank you again for your kind nomination. I have (finally!) shared the nomination on my blog and responded to your great questions today!!

      Enjoy your trip through Asia!

  10. Thank you so much for the nomination Laura! I'm really pleased to be getting in on the fun!

    I've got one more blog post to put up about Italy first and then I'm going to post my Liebster Award post, which is scheduled to go live on Sunday :)

  11. I am so jealous Sian! I want to go to Italy and eat lots of amazing food, especially gelato!! I had so much fun reading your response the the Liebster award:) Thanks for participating!