Saturday, October 25, 2014

Visiting the Local Market in Ubud Bali

While staying in Ubud, Dion and I were fortunate to stay at a beautiful guesthouse, hosted by a very hospitable Balinese family. Wayan Manada and his family couldn't do enough to make us feel welcome, they really enjoyed involving us in their daily lives when we showed interest. One of the most enjoyable things we did while staying with them, was visiting the local market with Wayan very early in the morning. Held each day in the centre of Ubud, the locals arrive as early as 3am to set up their stalls.

Dion looking a little out of place amongst the locals... At 6:30 am we were virtually the only westerners there, taking advantage of the low priced fruit before the tourist market started at 7am..

I just love the handwoven baskets they use to display their produce in, they give everything a freshly picked, rustic feeling. I also admire that fact that nothing seems to get wasted, they sell all vegetables and fruit regardless of the shape and size..

I am not the biggest fan of eggplant, but I couldn't resist taking a shot of these uniquely shaped, and strikingly colourful vegetables.

                                                        Our host Wayan, buying some fresh fish for his cats..

These beautiful handwoven baskets full of flowers, rice and other small items, are an integral part of the daily life for the balinese. Daily offerings are a huge part of the hindu culture, everywhere you go, you find woman making these beautiful creations. Morning and evening, mostly women take a basket full of these offerings and place them all around their home and business shrines and other places of importance to them.

               The Frangipani would have to be the most popular, and most beautiful flower used in the hindu offerings. 

The incense used in the daily offerings make Bali so wonderfully unique and fragrant...  I have fond memories of zipping around town on our scooter, enjoying all of the different incense aromas.

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